The Sweethearts are audacious, exhilarating and an ever-youthful neo-soul band! Comprising up to 30 members who rotate on and off the stage like a sporting team, this all female soul band, exude explosive energy with their refreshing take of soul, funk and blues.

“These girls are the future of soul music. They really are exceptionally good.” Vince Peach, Soul Time PBS 106.7.

Powerfully entertaining live shows is their forte and Sweethearts don’t disappoint. On their 2014 US tour they so impressed the Mayor of Memphis that he gave them the Key to The City. They enraptured the crowd at BB King’s bar. They even have their own Emmy nominated TV series, ‘Heart & Soul’ which explores behind the scenes of this unique, only one of its kind, band. Locally, Sweethearts can boast holding the longest standing residency at the Cherry Bar.

Recognition for Sweethearts live shows is worldwide with Europe lauding them.

“The Sweethearts are literally a spectacular act.” Mike Atherton, UK Blues & Roots Magazine.

“Sweethearts will always be welcome at Montreux Jazz Festival.” Claudia Regolatti, Festival Programmer.

With each year brings new vibrant songwriting talent and Sweethearts latest release ‘Four Leaf Clover’ combines the songwriting talents of ten Sweethearts members in a funky, edgy neo-soul fusion. The EP combines classic Motown heartbreak with a youthful take on lost love, and a refreshing female energy. Their incredible performance skill and maturity is way beyond their years and is only matched by their wit, and playful, cheeky personalities.

“Sweethearts provides a creative outlet and a place where we can bond with likeminded girls over our love of music and Doc Martens.” Emily Harrison, former Sweethearts band member.

Catch Sweethearts around Melbourne and Geelong before they head back over to Europe for the summer festivals. You won’t regret it!