Sweethearts revive and enliven Soul, Funk & Blues with their trademark Sass that has afforded them regular appearances at Montruex Jazz Festival, Jazz à Vienne & the Porretta Soul Festival!

Soul, Funk, Blues and Sass! The ever youthful Sweethearts deliver all this in spades! Now in their 30th year Sweethearts continue to develop young female musicians whilst improving their band performances each and every year. Comprising up to 30 members, this all female soul band, deliver explosive energy with their refreshing live shows.

“These girls are the future of soul music. They really are exceptionally good.” Vince Peach, Soul Time PBS 106.7.

The unparelled quality of performance Sweethearts exhibit is truly eye-catching, especially when you consier none of them are over 18! Their level of talent is so highly regarded that Sweethearts have worked with Soul legends including Gil Askey, Kylie Auldist and most recently, Dr. Bernard ‘Pretty’ Purdie, the most recorded drummer in history. He loved Sweethearts so much that on their 2017 Europe tour he insisted on joining them not once, not twice but three times at different gigs!

Recognition for Sweethearts is worldwide.

“The Sweethearts once again provided the best entertainment of the whole weekend at the 2017 Porretta Soul Festival.” Tony Rounce, Ace records, UK

“Sweethearts will always be welcome at Montreux Jazz Festival.” Claudia Regolatti, Festival Programmer.

Expect a new recording late 2018.