Who is Sweethearts?
Sweethearts is a professional working soul band with opportunities and experiences for female school-aged musicians unmatched by any other program in the world. As all members are school-aged, the Sweethearts line-up is ever changing and therefore new members are crucial to the band’s continuation. This year we will hold auditions for both the Sweethearts and the Young Hearts band in term 4, with expressions of interest accepted from term 3.

Tell me more about the bands…
The Young Hearts is our junior band aimed at students beginning their music journey and includes members aged from around Year 5 to Year 9. This band offers performance and skill development in preparation for joining our Sweethearts main band.

The Sweethearts is our senior and main performing band and includes members aged from around Year 7 to Year 12. The Sweethearts band accommodates for more competent musicians, providing many performance opportunities and a real insight into the professional music industry.

What instruments are in Sweethearts?
Our line-up consists of a rhythm, horn and vocalist section including drums and percussion, bass, guitar, keyboard, baritone saxophone, tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, trombone, trumpet, flute, and lead and backing vocalists.

What happens in the audition?
As part of your audition for the Sweethearts and Young Hearts you will be required to perform 2 songs from the Sweethearts song list, as well as present a requested technical demonstration (eg. scales, ear and pitch tests, rudiments) and sit an interview/discussion with the audition panel.
Other requirements include a written paragraph outlining why you want to be involved with the Sweethearts, and a referral from your instrumental music teacher.

Auditions are conducted by our Sweethearts Musical Director/Young Hearts Musical Director and specialists with expertise in the section your specific instrument belongs to. All auditions are taken place in a relaxed environment and are aimed to encourage and give experience to young musicians.

When do you rehearse?
The Sweethearts rehearse every Thursday during school terms from 4-6pm at the Helen Fraser campus of Matthew Flinders Girls Secondary College. Our Young Hearts band also rehearse here on Monday during school terms from 4-6pm.

Do you have to go to Matthew Flinders Girls to be in the Sweethearts?
No, our Sweethearts bands are made up of students from the local Geelong, Barwon and Western District region, including surrounding Melbourne and suburbs. The girls coming into the program come from a very wide range of schools in both the state, independent and private sectors across approximately 10-15 different schools.

What other commitments are involved?
As a guide, our Young Hearts band have up to 10 gigs a year. These can be at any time and may require short absences from school, however that is avoided when possible. Our Sweethearts band can have up to 50 gigs a year, and can also be at any time. Parents/guardians may be needed to provide transportation to and/or from these performances, or at least organise their daughters to meet at pre-arranged drop-off/pick-up points.

Sweethearts members are also very lucky to study a VET Certificate IV in Music during Years 10 and 11. This class is run at the Helen Fraser Campus of Matthew Flinders Girls Secondary College on every Wednesday during term from 1.30-5pm.
This qualification not only gives them first-hand experience and knowledge on many different aspects of the music industry, but also provides students with two 3-4 sequences which credit towards VCE or VCAL and each sequence may contribute 10% increments towards their ATAR scores. For more information on this please see your VCE coordinator.

Does the Sweethearts music program replace my own school music program?
No, our Sweethearts program is not intended to replace school music programs, but rather enhance them. Sweethearts is unlike any other music program offered at schools. We prioritise real music industry experience that is not possible within a typical school setting. Sweethearts band members are encouraged to contribute back to their school programs with the extra confidence, increased communication skills & higher performance standards that they gain from being involved in our program.

Are there any fees involved?
Yes, there are membership fees applicable. Both bands are run by The Sweethearts Foundation Inc. a not for profit organisation and all membership fees are invested directly back into the program to provide the education and performance opportunities for the students.

Members undertaking our Certificate IV in Music course also have a fees applicable.

So I’m interested, how do I get in contact?
If you are interested in auditioning for the Sweethearts or Young Hearts band, please email a short video showing what you can do on your instrument to

If you have any further questions please email or submit a message via the contact tab on this website.