Applicant Details

Audition application details

The video doesn't have to be too fancy. We just want to see & hear what you can do. Maximum video file size is 32 MB.
The application should be supported by referees/letters from musical persons known to the applicant such as instrumental teachers, school music teachers, professional musicians. Please provide contact details of any referees.
Our Sweethearts band program's, exist to support young females enrolled in primary and secondary schools to further their music opportunities.

Applications received will be assessed through a panel process and if required followed up by an audition. Applicants will be notified of a decision on any potential audition within approximately 2 weeks from the date of submission. The decision on individual applications at any stage of the process is at the discretion of the audition panel and is final.

Please note that while some performance feedback may be given during the application/audition process, specific feedback is not provided on the final outcome.

Audition applicants and Parents/Guardians need to understand that they will be required to meet the expectations set for our programs:

• Actively participate in, prioritise and attend all rehearsals/gigs as required unless otherwise approved through the Musical Director.
• Undertake private tuition of their instrument through an instrumental specialist and provide their contact details to the Musical Director.
• Where possible, continue to participate in their individual school music programs.
• Pay any associated membership fees in line with our annual membership fees schedule.
• If applicable, commit to completing all competency-based assessments as part of the Certificate IV in Music Course.
• In order to meet the live performance requirements of the program / VET course within the music industry, and in line with the professional standards and expectations of the Sweethearts band, any current government/health directions and venue requirements must be adhered to.
Sweethearts band members are also very lucky to study a nationally recognised VET Certificate IV in Music typically during Years 10 and 11. This is the highest level and only qualification of it’s kind offered at a secondary school level. The Certificate IV in Music is included as part of your timetabled school classes so band members will need to discuss this with the school pathways leaders.

Program Details
The Sweethearts Certificate IV is a unique, authentic educational program that has a proven culture of innovation, success and continuous improvement. The aspiration is to guide and support students on their learning journey through being part of an authentic performing band that is well established and highly regarded in the international music industry. Sweethearts Foundation delivers nationally recognised training in partnership with and under the auspices of Australian College of the Arts (Collarts) Pty Ltd RTO 0109, based at Matthew Flinders Girls Secondary College.

Pathways and Career Opportunities
The Sweethearts Certificate IV in Music can lead directly to industry opportunities with graduates being equipped with the skills required to seek performance opportunities in the music industry. Other areas in the music industry that this course can lead to are, recording, retail, management and teaching. This qualification may assist students into post secondary and tertiary study.

Content / Performance requirements
Over two years the program delivers a total of fourteen units. Four units are core: Investigate business opportunities, Implement copyright arrangements, Extend expertise in specialist creative fields and Manage feedback on creative practice. The remaining ten units are predominantly performance based. The units are mainly delivered as part of a holistic approach and not sequentially as is the case in other courses. As Sweethearts is a music industry based band, performance hours are accumulated for approximately one hundred shows over a two-year duration. Attendance at these shows is mandatory. These mainly occur out of school hours.

The CUA40920 Certificate IV in Music (Performance) is completed over 2 years. Students will attend weekly classes (Wednesdays 1.30-5pm) at Matthew Flinders Girls Secondary College. In addition to this students will participate in, weekly rehearsals, camps, workshops and regular performances.

Contribution –VCE
The Certificate IV program gives students two 3-4 sequences which credit towards VCE or VCAL. The Certificate IV does not have scored assessment. The sequences may contribute 10% increments towards their ATAR, depending upon how many other Unit 3-4 scored assessments have been undertaken. See your school VCE coordinator for more information.

Application Process
All applicants must undergo a successful audition process through the Sweethearts Foundation, and apply directly to their school on a current VET in Schools Application Form available from the school’s VET Coordinator.

Program Costs, Delivery and Location
For details please contact the Sweethearts Musical Director, Michael Fitzgerald