Applicant Details

Scholarship application details

The application can be supported by referees, letters from persons known to the applicant such as teachers, sporting coaches, employers etc. Those persons supporting the application should not be members of the wider family. Please provide contact details of any referees.
The scholarship comprises full payment of 2022 annual membership fees for either a position in the Sweethearts main industry based band or the development band of Young Hearts. Scholarships are open to new applicants interested in joining our programs and current band members.

Some scholarships may also include the provision of a musical instrument for the duration of the year.

Applications received will be assessed through a panel process and if required followed up by an audition. Applicants will be notified within approximately 4 weeks from the date of applications closing.

Scholarship recipients and Parents/Guardians need to understand that they will be required to meet
the expectations set:

• Actively participate in, prioritise and attend all rehearsals/gigs as required unless otherwise approved through the Musical Director.
• Undertake private tuition of their instrument through an instrumental specialist and provide their contact details to the Musical Director.
• Take financial responsibility for damage, loss etc to any instruments provided
• If applicable, commit to completing all competency-based assessments as part of the
Certificate IV in Music Course.
• Commit to providing formal feedback on the benefits of the scholarship, skills and knowledge gained to the Sweethearts Foundation.

Note: Failure to meet the expectations may result in the repayment of the scholarship to the Foundation. Feedback is not given on any applications submitted and the decisions of the panel are final.